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jenna haze official site

Jenna Haze loves to keep the members of her official website coming back for more and she does a pretty good job too by giving all of her members unlimited access to all of her hot photo and video footage! Jenna also gives her members access to her personal store, live cam shows and access to her hot girlfriend’s websites as well!

Take a look around the official Jenna Haze website here

9 thoughts on “Official Site”

  1. Brandon says:

    You probably won’t/don’t read these, but I missed your appearance at California Girls yesterday! I drive by that place everyday on my way to work and when I saw that you were there I totally wanted to meet you. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any friends to go (way to conservative.) Anyways, long story short, when and where is the next place in OC you’ll be dancing?


  2. kirk says:

    like the pictures that i saw

  3. Longtime Fan says:

    Where can I find a list of the dates, times and locations where Jenna will be making appearances at?

  4. wojtek says:


  5. Keith says:

    Young Lady, you have GOT to be the sexiest woman in movies, video, and/or TV today. There MAY be othe ladies more photogenic, bigger tops, etc. But you, my lady, are the total package. You ooze sensuality, sexuality and seem to truely enjoy your vocation at times. Great acting? Possibly. Would I like to spend one night in your company? God no!! First, I wouldn’t be able to put three words together. Second, I don’t wish to embarrass myself in your presence! Interpret that as you will! I’m an old man and those days (nights?) are behind me. I’ve never previously written to an adult or any mainstream entertainer, so you are my first! I wish you long life and much happiness–in recompense for the happiness you have brought myself and other dirty old men!

  6. Josephturanwhite41 says:

    My name is joseph turan white and I’m 26 year old steal a virgin is I never have a sex with female before and I’m single young black man and may be a boyfriends this time and next year and I never have a girlfriends Before all my life this time and next year and I wanted you jenna haze

  7. Paul Louis Hetet says:

    I have always liked you and respect you now that you have left the business and have a boyfriend. How much American $does it cost to join your club.
    This is your number one Kiwi fan from New Zealand.
    Love you still
    Paul Louis Hetet

  8. Paul Louis Hetet says:

    Please give me some time and I will join, pinky promise

    When I join I only want to watch or listen to everything concerning you.
    Hope your study is going well… So you found yourself an Aussie stud muffin!

    Good on ya Sheila xoxo

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